Who are your favorite New York contestants? Vote for them during the online voting segment from 6/24/2019 to 6/30/2019. Contestants with the highest votes will advance to National Round to further compete for the upmost honor and cash prizes!
通過紐約區海選之參賽者們,將透過6/24/2019 至 6/30/2019期間的網路票選,決定誰能晉級至新人王全美賽制。現在就註冊登記,給你心目中的新人王投票,讓他脫穎而出!

There are 10 votes available for every effective e-mail address per day during voting period. Furthermore, as long as sharing Top Star video on Facebook and Instagram, and hashtagging #McDonalds #ETTVTopstar, every LIKE on the post can add up 5 votes. All contestants must screenshot the posts and provide to Top Star staff to count the votes.
每個有效電郵地址,每天可進行10次投票,每次投票視為一個有效票數。 另外,只要在社群網站(FB、Instagram)轉發新人王影片,並標籤#McDonalds #ETTVTopstar,每按讚人數,票數加5票,參賽者需截圖,提供給新人王工作人員做計算。

6/24/2019 12:00 PM (EST) - 6/30/2019 11:59 PM (EST)

Registration is mandatory before casting votes. Participants will need to reply the confirmation e-mail from ETTV Top Star to successfully complete the registration. Please note the confirmation e-mail might be categorized as junk e-mail or spam.

To ensure the fairness of online voting, the TOP STAR voting system will delete votes from illegitimate email accounts. The final votes will be shown after online voting ends. Please use your own person email accounts when conducting votes. Illegitimate email accounts votes will be deleted.

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