Ivan 的故事分享
Hi, my name is Ivan Lee and I am a current college freshman at Seton Hall University. It is a private school so it is quite expensive, as well as it being out of state so more costs are added on. I am studying under Athletic Training BS/MS, which is a total of 6 years there. I am applying for the money because since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, money has started to arise as a problem for me as well as my family. My parents are paying for my tuition but they already have a lot of bills put on their shoulders so I am writing this in hopes of getting the money and helping them out as well as myself. Being a college student is quite difficult because I need to buy books and different household supplies, which proves a difficulty for me. At this time, I do not have time for a job due to my classes and exams but I am trying. Getting this money will more than help me as well as my family. My parents do so much for me and I’m trying my best to get them to a better place financially so anything would help right now. Sincerely, Ivan Lee